This project was inspired by Seulgi's song '28 Reasons'

'Good and Evil people are not clearly distinguished . Good and Evil coexist in one person. Even if one seems good, greed and temptation always exist together inside. We simply try to resist from being captivated by evil.

The 2 girls are looking nearly the same because, together, they form one person.
The girl who's trapped represents the good side, and the girl who's on top represents the evil side that tries to get in control.

The place they're in is like a prison, which is inside the girl's soul.
This is the place where the conflict is, where the fight is led.

Once the Evil side takes the control over you, is hard to recover. It feels like your soul is burnt down to ash. And even if you try to bring back the Good in you is hard to rebuild what was destroyed.
Thank you for viewing my project! Hope you like it!
You can see all of my artworks here: https://www.instagram.com/soulremesher/

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