Soul Remesher created a short animated cartoon featuring IU's Lightstick and Tweety the bird.
The animation shows a day in Tweety's life, more precisely its birthday. We don't exactly know his age, but we know for sure that he is IU's biggest fan. 
This birthday was like no other because he got a huge surprise gift from the one he admires most.

Director: Soul Remesher
Story: Soul Remesher
3D Artist: Soul Remesher
2D Artist: Soul Remesher
Edit: Soul Remesher

Created in Blender version alpha 4.2.0 and rendered with Eevee Next.

Style Frames


Tweety, Sylvester* AND THE LIGHT STICK

Since he was the protagonist, I paid a lot of attention to make my version of Tweety as close as possible to the original because I wanted him to feel just as funny and adorable. 
The unique shape of his head, the big eyes and the huge legs were in my opinion the most important in recreating the overall aspect of the character.


Sylvester was the the 'villain' in this short animation and the only part of his body that I wanted to appear in the final version was his hand with which he grabbed the Light Stick, that's why I decided to simplify my process and create just his hand and not the whole body.

Sylvester's Hand

The Light Stick was just as important as Tweety because it played a very big role in the overall scope of the animation. Tweety and the Light Stick, in this animation, come as a set, that's why it was so importnat for me to also be able to recreate the light stick as best as I could.
But I gave myself some freedom while recreating it. Because I wanted to achieve a more comic, cartoony look I made the light stick smaller and bulkier.

The Light Stick

The World

The main purpose of the world I created was to tie all the elements together and to give a sense of spatiality overall.
I didn't want the world to feel empty, that's why I created some trees, electricity poles and some hand drawn elements for the far away background.


Tweety Reference (

The world, props and background reference

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