Soul Remesher created a 3D Animated Teaser for NewJeans' Official Lightstick, The Binky Bong.
The animation tells the story of Binky Bong Hee-Soo, a lightstick who loves listening to NewJeans' songs and partying with her friends all day long. Hee Soo loves NewJeans so much that every time she's listening to one of their songs she enters 'the zone', a state in which she feels like she can do everything, like being closer to her idols and even flying.

Style Frames




This project's main scope was bringing the Binky Bong to life.
The objective was achieved by giving the lightstick the ability to make use of its strap, which unlocked endless possibilities such as: grabbing objects, accentuating key poses in the coreography and better expressing its feelings.
As for the outfits, the objective was to create something achored in reality, that can be replicated in real life. The sticker-like outfits aim to add more realism to the overall feeling of the project.

Ban Hee Soo (반희수)
Minji (민지) & Hanni (하니)
Danielle (다니엘) & Haerin (해린) & Hyein (혜인)

Behind The Scenes

The world was created by combining real life elements, like the house and props, with fantasy and more cartoonish elements, like the flowers and bushes. It is a real world sprinkled with fantastic elements that help the story move forward.
Everything was modeled, textured, animated and rendered in Cinema 4D and Redshift.
The outfits were created in Adobe Illustrator.
The footage was color corrected, graded and edited using Davinci Resolve.


A Country Side House Located In Llofriu - one of the filming locations for 'Hype Boy'

Binky Bong's Outfits

Props and various textures
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